How to check if SQL Server database files reside in a Resilient file system (ReFS) (PowerShell)


This PowerShell script will demo how to detect database(s) files residing in resilient file system (ReFS) in Windows Server 2012.


Hosting databases on Windows Server 2012 ReFS is not supported for production use. If there is any database on ReFS file system, the script will give a warning.


You can use this script in this way:
1. Run Microsoft PowerShell as Administrator

2. Run the script in the form: &Path
For example: & "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\CheckDBonReF\CheckDBonReFS.ps1"

3. Press Enter and enter the server name and choose the authentication

4. Press Enter and we抣l get the following figure:

Here are some code snippet for your reference:

foreach($ReFSDr in $ReFSDrive) 
   $ReFSD = [String]$ReFSDr 
   foreach($path in $DBInfo.Physical_Path) 
      $p = [String]$path  
       $i += 1 


SQL Server 2005 /SQL Server 2008/SQL Server 2012

Windows Server 2012

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