How to do an IIS Reset in all the servers in a SharePoint Farm

This script allows to do an IIS Reset to all the servers (Web Front End and Application Servers) in a SharePoint farm (2010 and 2013 SharePoint versions). The script defines a function that uses the Get-SPServer cmdlet in order to get all the servers where the IIS Reset operation

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  • As per my testing....
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    • This script is not properly working on my SP2013 farm. I have an 1 app and 1 WFE. If I run this script on my app server it will do an iisreset twice (on the app server) even if the script output is saying that is as been executed on both server (app and WFE). 
    • Have you checked that Get-SPServer is properly getting both your Web Front End and your App Server?
    • Thanks for the contribution
    • You are really welcome!!
    • Dear,
      I have the same issue, even if message well displays all servers in my farm,  iisreset doesn't proceed on others servers if i check while running iisreset /status