How to get all SharePoint Online Cmdlets

This script shows how get all the PowerShell cmdlets available to work with SharePoint Online in Office 365. The script defines a function that uses the Get-Command cmdlet as a way to list all the available SharePoint Online cmdlets. In order to get only SharePoint Online cmdlets

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Office 365
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  • Ststem.XML.XmlException Rrror
    3 Posts | Last post December 13, 2015
    • I got this error when running the script:
      System.Xml.XmlException: For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document. To enable DTD processing set the DtdProcessing property on XmlReaderSettings to Parse and pas
      s the settings into XmlReader.Create method.
         at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Throw(Exception e)
         at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ParseDoctypeDecl()
         at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ParseDocumentContent()
         at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Read()
         at System.Xml.Linq.XDocument.Load(XmlReader reader, LoadOptions options)
         at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Idcrl.IdcrlAuth.DoGet(String url)
         at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Idcrl.IdcrlAuth.RequestFederationProviderInfo(String domainname)
         at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Idcrl.IdcrlAuth.GetFederationProviderInfo(String domainname)
         at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Idcrl.IdcrlAuth.InitFederationProviderInfoForUser(String username)
         at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Idcrl.IdcrlAuth.GetServiceToken(String username, String password, String serviceTarget, String servicePolicy)
         at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Idcrl.SharePointOnlineAuthenticationProvider.GetAuthenticationCookie(Uri url, String username, SecureString password, Boolean alwaysThrowOnFailur
      e, EventHandler`1 executingWebRequest)
         at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SharePointOnlineCredentials.GetAuthenticationCookie(Uri url, Boolean refresh, Boolean alwaysThrowOnFailure)
         at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientRuntimeContext.SetupRequestCredential(ClientRuntimeContext context, HttpWebRequest request)
    • My mistake. This error was because I used the wrong creds. I used as the domain in the credentials instead of my purchased domain name for O365.
    • Cool! Nice you finally got the script working!