How to show "This PC" or "Computer" on desktop in Windows Server 2012 (PowerShell)  


This PowerShell script sample shows how to show "This PC" or "Computer" on desktop in Windows Server 2012.


Although Windows has provided File Explorer, users and IT Pros used to use computer (This PC) on desktop. However, it is not convenient to show the icon through GUI in Windows server 2012 or later version. This script is used to show This PC on desktop easily.


Step 1: Right click script and select Run with PowerShell.

Step 2: Then after the script finishes execution, you need to press F5 to refresh the desktop.

Here are some code snippets for your reference.

#Registry key path
$path = "HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\HideDesktopIcons\NewStartPanel"
#Property name
$name = "{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}"
#check if the property exists
$item = Get-ItemProperty -Path $path -Name $name -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    #set property value
    Set-ItemProperty  -Path $path -name $name -Value 0 
    #create a new property
    New-ItemProperty -Path $path -Name $name -Value 0 -PropertyType DWORD  | Out-Null 

write-host "Operation done! But you need to refresh your desktop."

cmd /c pause


Windows Server 2012

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