SQL Server 2016 provides several new data security features like Always Encrypted, Dynamic Data Masking and Row-Level Security. These new features are a 'game changer' for developers, DBAs, and above all to architects that need to design applications and data platforms. These features increase the security and reduce the development time significantly. Features that usually implemented in the application side, now can be implemented in the server side, while encryption keys, which are usually stored in the server side, can be stored in the client side.

The lecture will be held in two parts. In this second part, we will explore the implementation of Row-Level Security and Always Encrypted, using the new built-in features in SQL Server 2016 and in older versions. We will discuss the benefits, limitations, and how actually our data secured using the new features.

If you missed part one of Implementing (and cracking) new Security Features in SQL Server 2016 please check these links:


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