A complete overview on index compatibilty for SQL Server, based on Version 2016

With the total of 4 new index types we have gained since SQL Server 2012 now we also have a total of 4 basic formats:

  1. Heap
  2. Clustered Index
  3. Clustered Columnstore Index
  4. memory-optimized “varheap”

for data storage in SQL Server. And what’s more, with SQL Server 2016, these can be combined in various ways. With the included 2 “compatibility matrixes” one can quickly identify allowed combination possibilities.

In addition, a few basic rules and maximum limits are included as well. Also the main Index topics in BOL are included as Links.

I hope you find this helpful.



2.8.2016, v1.01: small correction of rule 10 (naming), included a reference to "included columns"