Install software remotely using wmic - Quick Reference Guide

With WMI, you can extract tons and tons of information about Windows remotely, and you can configure Windows remotely. Also, using WMI in a GPO, you can distribute policies to specific computers. This is a very handy tool for Windows system administrators.

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  • syntax question
    1 Posts | Last post December 27, 2019
    • wmic:root\cli> = >in next line.
      > /node:exampleremotemachine product call install true,"" , "c:\PathToYour\File.msi"
      > /node:computernameoripaddress product call install true,"" , "c:\PathToYour\printerdriver.exe"
      return value 1620
      This is for a vpn user. Usually I remote to pc and login as self w win10 machines to install software. This doensn't work w VPN user though because it breaks their vpn when I try to log in. 
      Currently they are on on the network but I ran the cmd and it says it was successful. Did I do this right for a printer driver? Or is a batch needed for the gui install of driver too? Thanks