After reading this document, you should be able to author, deploy, use, maintain, and audit a Just Enough Administration (JEA) deployment on Windows Server 2016 PP1.  Here are the topics we will cover:  

1.       Introduction: Briefly review why you should care about JEA.

2.       Prerequisites: Set up your environment

3.       Using JEA: Start by understanding the operator experience of using JEA.

4.       Remake the Demo: Create a JEA Session Configuration from scratch.

5.       Role Capabilities: Learn about how to customize JEA capabilities with Role Capability Files.

6.       End to End - Active Directory: Make a whole new endpoint for managing Active Directory

7.       Multi-machine: Discover how deployment and authoring changes with scale

8.       Reporting on JEA: Discover how to audit and report on all JEA actions and infrastructure.

9.       Appendix: Important skills and discussion points