Anyone who regularly uses Log Parser 2.2 knows just how useful and powerful it can be for obtaining valuable information from IIS (Internet Information Server) and other logs. In addition, adding the power of SQL allows explicit searching of gigabytes of logs returning only the data that is needed while filtering out the noise. The only thing missing is a great graphical user interface (GUI) to function as a front-end to Log Parser and a ‘Query Library’ in order to manage all those great queries and scripts that one builds up over time.

Log Parser Studio was created to fulfill this need; by allowing those who use Log Parser 2.2 (and even those who don’t due to lack of an interface) to work faster and more efficiently to get to the data they need with less “fiddling” with scripts and folders full of queries.

With Log Parser Studio (LPS for short) we can house all of our queries in a central location. We can edit and create new queries in the ‘Query Editor’ and save them for later. We can search for queries using free text search as well as export and import both libraries and queries in different formats allowing for easy collaboration as well as storing multiple types of separate libraries for different protocols.

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Latest Changes

Update 12/11/2013:

+Added default backslash to iCheckPoint for CSV because null crashes PS export for CSV.
+Fixed chart type dropdown focus issue.
+Rewrote InputFormat parsing so that we derive the actual name instead of [name, {type}] etc.
+Enabled IISW3C double quotes for IIS Advanced Logging. ***
+Added Accept/Cancel buttons for Enter/ESC .
+Fixed PowerShell "tabs" param issue.
+Removed ValueFromPipeline from PS Script Template.
+Added Accept/Cancel buttons for Enter/ESC.
+Added cancel buttons/ESC functionality to format dialogs.
+Updated FunctionReference.html
+Added queries for ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guided Walkthrough (Ref:;en;3616&showpage=1)
+Multiple small fixes/improvements/enhancements

Build 2.0
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Build Date: 3/8/2010 12:39:44 PM

++ Fixed rare issue where updating the main timer may throw an exception.
++ Added build Date/Time to about dialog since we are not yet incrementing build numbers.