In this post I will show you how to replace the existing final summary wizard with a GUI created with PowerShell and Mahapps.

By default the MDT Wizard is composed of two files, as each MDT wizards.

- Summary_scripts.vbs: the code part

- Summary_Definition_ENU.xml: for the deign part

This wizard is launched by the script upgradesummary.wsf

How to add the new wizard ?

1 / Copy folder SD_Summary_Wizard in the Deploy folder

2 / Set the SkipFinalSummary to YES in the customsettings.ini, this way the existing wizard won't be displayed.

You can also create a TS step, type Set TS variable to set the SkipFinalSummary variable to YES

3 / Add a new step at the end of your Task Sequence to run the PowerShell wizard

- Step type: PowerShell script

- Command line: %DEPLOYROOT%\SD_Summary_Wizard\Run_Final_Summary.ps1