Here is a tool in PowerShell that will allow you to generate a profile for MDT. This profile is the customsettings.ini file.

As you may know customsettings.ini file can be modified to fill fields in the deployment wizards, as Computername, IP Address ...

So why not using this ini file as a profile ? 

You can create differents profiles, for an example for multiple branch of your company.

Then select which profile you want to apply during the deployment. We can imagine a Listbox wizard which will propose you each profile you want to apply.

This tool will allow you to manage easily this file.


Updates list

03/10/2017: v1.2



06/01/2016: v1.1

05/04/2016: v1.0

How to use the tool ?

The first GUI allow you to select your Depployment Share. By selecting a Deployment Share, it'll populate differents fields in the next GUI.

Then a seoncd GUI will be launched. This GUI is composed of 5 parts, fill the differents field and click on the "Create my profile" button. Your ini file wil be then created.


How it works ?

The tool is composed of four parts.

Customize the profile as you want and after clicking on the "Create my profile" button, it'll be created. If you have selected a deployment share the profile will be saved in the control folder from your deployment share.

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