MDT Wizard - Use an external Customsettings.ini

In this post I will show you a wizard that I have created to apply a profile you have created and use it during your deployment.How it works ?1 / Download the wizard (xml & vbs files)2 / Copy the INI_Profiles vbs and xml files in your Deploy\Scripts folder3 / Open the BDD_Welcome

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  • unable to load xml file: X:\deploy\scripts\ini_profiles.xml
    2 Posts | Last post November 19, 2018
    • 3 / Open the BDD_Welcome_ENU.xml file
      4 / Add a Profiles pane 
      I added the bdd welcome part and updating deploymentshare, but when I would start a deployment and see a error:unable to load xml file: X:\deploy\scripts\ini_profiles.xml
      It is possible to see an example of BDD_Welcome_ENU.xml file? Maybe I do something not correctly?
    • Hello,
      Would it be possible to give me your mail or send a mail at ?
      I'll be easier than here to see the issue.
  • Unable to load XML ini_profiles.xml
    3 Posts | Last post December 29, 2017
    • created Litetouch.iso or Litetouch.wim unable to load XML ini_profiles.
    • Hi, have you added the bdd welcome part ? Have you tried by updating your deploymentshare ?
    • Hi, any feedback ?
  • ini_profiles folder and ini files location
    2 Posts | Last post December 29, 2017
    • What's the name we should give to the folder containing ini files?
      INI_profiles.vbs seach this path
      INI_folder = oEnvironment.Item("DeployDrive") & "\INI_folder\"
      I'm using Bootable USB with the Microsoft Deployment ToolKit (MDT) 2013 and deploy offline the Image in PCs
      Do i have to name folder "INI_folder" and put it at root \
    • Hello, the folder should have the same name than this one from the script. Normally in my example it's called INI_Profiles, the folder is INI_Profiles
      In your use the variable oEnvironment.Item("DeployDrive"), you have to create the INI_Profiles at the root of your deploymentshare.
      If you want to use the folder deploy you need to use the variable  oEnvironment.Item("DeployRoot").
      If needed you can mail me at