This Management Pack adds a workflow that runs run by default every week day at 07:00am, but you can change this schedule to suit your needs.

ActiveWorkitemReminders.dll must be copied to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager 2010" on your Workflow Server.

This assembly will query the users who exist in the top level of an AD group (sub-groups are not processed).

Each user in the group, with at least one active Incident, Problem, Change Request or Manual Activity assigned to them, or in-progress Review Activity that they are a reviewer for, will receive an email summary of these items.

You need to configure the workflow parameters before you import the MP:

  <WorkflowParameter Name="LDAPDomainRoot" Type="string">LDAP://DC=yourdomain,DC=co,DC=xx</WorkflowParameter>
  <WorkflowParameter Name="ADGroupDN" Type="string">CN=YourADGroup,OU=YourOU,DC=yourdomain,DC=co,DC=xx</WorkflowParameter>
  <WorkflowParameter Name="EmailSubjectText" Type="string">Daily Summary of your currently Active Workitems</WorkflowParameter>
  <WorkflowParameter Name="EmailTitleText" Type="string">Currently Active Workitems:</WorkflowParameter>
  <WorkflowParameter Name="EmailFromAddress" Type="string"></WorkflowParameter>
  <WorkflowParameter Name="EmailBodyColour" Type="string">black</WorkflowParameter>

You must specify the LDAP path for your domain (LDAPDomainRoot) and the AD group DN in that domain (ADGroupDN).

You should change the smtp from address to what you what, too (EmailFromAddress).

Optionally, change the email subject text (EmailSubjectText) and the initial line (header) for the body text (EmailTitleText) plus the HTML colour (EmailBodyColour). I like to use "blue".

The email is sent in HTML format.

03/08/11 - Updated to exclude closed Change Requests.

13/10/11 - Updated to add workitem status. Also, font defaults to Lucida Console so that columns come out with correct spacing. Both the HTML font and size can be over-ridden with optional string parameters of FontName (e.g. "Verdana") and FontSizePercent (e.g. "70%") if required.

14/10/11 - Workflow will now throw an exception if the specified AD group is invalid/path is bad.

13/04/11 - Added parameters to allow the work item Ids in the notification email to be hyperlinked to a portal as long as the Id can be suffixed to the URL, for example:

<WorkflowParameter Name="IRURL" Type="string">http://yourportalserver/IncidentView.aspx?Id=</WorkflowParameter>
<WorkflowParameter Name="CRURL" Type="string">https://yourportalserver/analyst/ChangeRequestDetails.aspx?CRID=</WorkflowParameter>
<WorkflowParameter Name="MAURL" Type="string">https://yourportalserver/analyst/ManualActivityDetails.aspx?AID=</WorkflowParameter>
<WorkflowParameter Name="RAURL" Type="string">https://yourportalserver/analyst/ReviewActivityDetails.aspx?AID=</WorkflowParameter>

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