Deploying an updated Office installation has always been an annoyance of mine.  It is ideal to be able to deploy a fully updated Office installation so you don’t have to run a software update scan and then wait for all the Office patches to download and install.  

You can download the Office 2016 updates using ConfigMgr.  For detailed usage information please check out this Now Micro blog post.

Also - if you are just interested in a simpler method look here.

#get all the cab files and copy them locally 
write-host $SoftwareUpdatesFolder 
Get-ChildItem -Path $SoftwareUpdatesFolder -Filter *.cab -Recurse | ForEach-Object { 
    $GUID = (new-guid).Guid 
    $destination = "$baseDestination\$GUID" 
    Write-host  $destination 
    ConvertFrom-Cab -cab $PSItem.FullName -destination $destination -Verbose 


Usage Examples -


# Use the defaut parameters in the script (update as needed) 
Get-Office2016MSPFromCab -UpdateDP $true -siteCode "LAB" -siteserver "" 
# Use explicit parameters, do not update the Distribution Points 
Get-Office2016MSPFromCab -SoftwareUpdatesFolder "\\cm01\SoftwareUpdates\Office2016x86Updates" -baseDestination "c:\fso1" -OfficeUpdatesFolder "\\cm01\Source\Microsoft Office 2016 x86\updates"