Migrate VMs from AWS to Azure

No official way exists to migrate virtual machines (VMs) from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Azure. However, with the help of the Disk2VHD tool, you can convert the VM to a virtual hard disk (VHD) and then upload the VHD to Azure Storage. After uploading it, you can create a VM f

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Windows Azure
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  • Assign public IP address with IpTag
    1 Posts | Last post January 04, 2019
    • Would be great to be able to assign a public IP address with IpTag after line
      "# Create a NIC with a Public IP for the VM"
      $ipTag = New-AzureRmPublicIpTag -IpTagType "FirstPartyUsage" -Tag "/Sql"
      $publicIp = New-AzureRmPublicIpAddress -Name $publicIpName -ResourceGroupName $rgName -AllocationMethod Static -DomainNameLabel $dnsPrefix -Location $location -IpTags ipTag