Shutdown / Restart via PowerShell

Hi  Readers,Our team has to shutdown / Reboot a lot of servers due to some datacenter activities but unfortunately no one was available due to holiday season. So as I luv PowerShell,  the idea was to automate the process & send notification ones the action is completed.You can d

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Operating System
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  • VMware server reboots to fast
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    • Having issues that adminray had.  Regardless of configuring line below I always get "stuck" message.  It can be before reboot, during reboot and after reboot that I get this message.
  • Outlook 365
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    • How do I modify script to get SMTP to work with Office 365?
    • Disregard
  • VMware server reboots to fast
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    • Server reboots to fast, only "request times out" for 3 seconds. Keeps emailing me "System sacora1451 is still responding - pls check". However, i know the server reboots.  How should i adjust the time?
    • you can modify If(Test-Connection -ComputerName $i -Count 10 -Delay 5 -Quiet) this line as per your requirement