NetLogon Log Parser for SamLogon and MaxConcurrentApi Entries

This script parses NetLogon logs to give details on the users who are connecting, computers they are connecting from and domains they belong and sums them up into percentages. On top of that it will identify problematic authentication and give you details on those entries too.

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  • GetDomainsInNetlogonLog does not work
    4 Posts | Last post January 02, 2016
    • Hello,
      the function GetDomainsInNetlogonLog  does not work for me. the Splitting is not correct. I had some Logons but after the Splitline i receicved the message 
      The netlogon log either did not have debug logging enabled or did not have any SamLogon entries in it. Detailed SamLogon statistics cannot be collected.
      We have a Win 2012 R2 German with active Debugging Netlogon.
      Thank you
    • I don't think that I ever tested with 2012R2 so its possible the text output is slightly different in the NetLogon logging. I'll test it out, though I'm afraid it may be a few weeks before I'll have a chance to and reply.
    • Hello Tim! I hope for a good result :o) This Script is awesome if its work for us!! .. Thanks!
    • Hello guys , any updates about script on windows 2012 R2?