As a consultant, I have done numerous installations of Configuration Manager and one of the things that usually generate problems is when tasks are delegated from the Configuration Manager team over to other parts of the organization or third party. This solution will catch some of the most common issues that occur when handing over OSD to another team.

You as a deployment expert and the person who set up and have full control over your Configuration Manager environment will catch most of these issues without this tool. However, if a person on first line support is given the task to deploy new computers to end users he or she has no clue on what’s set up in the background and this tends to generate issues. An example being, deploying a computer model that has no driver packages assigned.

So I wanted to create a simple tool that check for the most common issues at the very beginning of the task sequence, no one wants to wait for several minutes just to find out that there is no driver package for this model. There are some solutions for this already out there but they are usually part of a UDI/Front-End solution or steps in the Task Sequence that give hard failure and fails the task sequence without any options to correct the problem. Therefore, I ended up with these criteria’s,

What I ended up with looks like this in action:

For a complete guide on how to implement this in your environemt see this blog post: and please provide feedback if you find this solution interesting.