Microsoft Office 365: Add Exchange Online routing SMTP address

This script will find mailboxes that are configured with EmailAddressPolicyEnabled:$false and have no "" address and will add the SMTP routing address required for an Exchange Online Hybrid deployment.It will try to add the proxy address prefix@tenant.

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  • Couple of issues
    1 Posts | Last post April 24, 2017
    • The script does not contain ResultSize Unlimited so results of get-mailbox are limited. 
      Also, the script errored due to dodgy characters in some of the mailboxes, but the problem then is that if I run the script again it is going to add another routing address with a random string, and then error again.
      Basically the script needs some changes..
      you need to check whether the routing address exists in the actual mailbox we are checking against, and not just anywhere in the org. 
      you also need some error controls so if there is an error against one mailbox, we do not bomb out.