Office 365 Mailbox Permission Inventory

The script lists all mailboxes of the specified types that have at least one non-default permission entry. Output is displayed in the console and stored in variable for reuse. To export to CSV, use the output variable or remove the comment mark on the last line.

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  • Can I run this choosing a particular DAG or db's?
    2 Posts | Last post March 13, 2019
    • I'd like to try this script however how can I modify it to select a specific DAG or a range of databases, let's say I know I have 18 db's and I know their names.  I ask because I'm in a hybrid environment and don't need a lot of information that pertains to other business segments.  Thanks in advance.
    • The script is designed to provide a full inventory, but you can easily modify it to run against just the objects you care about. For your scenario, adding a simple filter to the Get-Mailbox cmdlet (lines 57-64) should do the trick.