These papers help system admins to do most office 365 daily tasks through PowerShell in a fast and easy way.

Table of Contents

Connect O365 Using PowerShell 

Create New Account 

Set User Photo. 

Remove user photo. 

Create Dynamic Distribution Group. 

Add an Alias to an Office 365 Account 

Get User Alias. 

Add Department for single user also for all Accounts. 

Get and Assign licenses. 

Using Mail Forward. 

Hide address from Golbal Address List (GAL) 

Set Password. 

Grant Full Access to an Office 365 Mailbox. 

Assign Import Export Role. 

Import pst file to exisit account 

Export All O365 Licensed Users from PowerShell to csv File. 

Number of Mailboxes in each DB. 

Get Distribution Group Members. 

Display a List of your Tenant’s Properties. 

Close PowerShell session when done.