A friend of mine asked me today morning that ,he wants to check the compliance report for specific computer (could be VIP ) against one or multiple software update groups that they have created/deployed.

How do you check the compliance status of computer for specific software update groups ONLY and not for all updates that are available in SCCM ?

You have several software update compliance reports for software update groups and for computers but there is none to check if the particular computer is compliant or not for given software update group. The only possible way is to run the compliance report for specific collection and that will give you the overall compliance status and drill down further or run other compliance report which is tedious process. And if you want to repeat this multiple times for different updates groups ? Not easy. The only solution is custom report .

 Please read http://eskonr.com/2019/01/sccm-configmgr-compliance-status-of-client-for-multiple-software-update-groups/ for more information.