PatchMaster is designed to automate the creation and delivery of Microsoft Patches to an SCCM Hierarchy and is available as freeware.


Important: You should always export the PatchMaster configuration from the registry before you upgrade (HKLM\Software\SMSMarshall\PatchMaster), this will save you if the configuration is somehow wiped by the installer. If you are upgrading from below version 1.7 you should wipe your configuration in the registry and start again.


Source code is available on Github, feel free to fork and reuse commercially or non-commercially. I reserve no rights or own any copyrights for this tool, this is as free as free gets:


Requirements for running this tool:



Known issues:



With this lot in place, you can angle towards launching the tool.


A detailed guide on setting up PatchMaster exists on my blog here (It is for V1.3 but applicable) to V1.8


Note: The shots below are from a down-level version but are still relevant


Once you have installed PatchMaster, on first launch you should be prompted for the Site servers FQDN. From there it is a case of performing a one-time configuration, and proceed to build out if any patches are found.























































And before you click Build, make sure you've set up the tool properly, you really do need to follow the instructions, its almost pretty intuitive to me, the developer :-)


Once you get a build out underway, the Logs tab will show, and you'll be able to view what is happening.


Got any feedback or feature request? Use the Q and A section in this TechNet Gallery Page for PatchMaster!


Release notes for 1.8:



Release notes for 1.7: