PatchMaster is designed to automate the creation and delivery of Microsoft Patches to an SCCM Hierarchy and is available as freeware.

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  • 1.5 Design
    4 Posts | Last post August 10, 2018
    • Hi Robert,
      I´ve just upgraded to 1.5.
      Thanks for fixing the Bugs i already mentioned. 
      However, i again got a few remarks:
      Black background - is this on purpose? Just big change from 1.4
      Configure Tab - Distribution Points: Only the currently selected is visible, rest is blank
      Available Patches Tab - "Check for Patches": Reverts from Full Screen to default Window Size.
      Looking forward to this and running Patch Tuesday next week to further test.
    • Addition:
    • Log: Retrieved 10 Distribution Points
      However, there are only 4 Distribution Points.
      There are 6 DP Groups, however.
    • I teetered on including DP Groups but other things took up the time, you'll see 10 in your case 6 + 4 as I'm still bringing them in but I am filtering out DP Groups. I'll look at the code and see what's up with DP handling in the UI, if you need to add more and cannot check out the registry key PatchDistributionPoints.
      Soaked up a lot of bugs, I did a lot to the UI including making it black, does it render ok for you? :-)
      The notification behaviour is causing it to jump back to normal mode, i'll make that work nicely on the next release, only put it in to make the process notify the user works been done, v1 implementation heh.
      Patch Tuesday, cool let me know how it goes, and a big thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the changes, tools been heavily optimised and feature-loaded from 1.4 to 1.5, aside from maybe a few tweaks it should last until the patching scene gets shaken up if it does, and PM is no longer needed.
  • Not seeing new patches
    3 Posts | Last post August 06, 2018
    • Trying out PM v1.4 in my lab. 
      MS have released a new patch in June for Win10 1803 to fix the Service Stack. (4338853)
      Cannot seem to get PM to show me the patch is available. 
      Am almost certain it is user error, any pointers?
    • I see it showing up here, it is a Critical Update, a patch for each OS.
      Win10-Security-Critical	4338853	2018-06 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4338853)	Windows 10	Critical Updates	x64	27/06/2018 00:12:54	27/06/2018 00:12:54
      Are you using the Exclude\Include rules, if so, is that filtering this out?
      Has it already been downloaded and deployed? If so it will not show in PM.
      You can copy\paste the patch list from PM into notepad for easier searching ... 
    • Re-released patches won't show as they are deployed already.
      I've just released V1.5, I am considering how to handle re-released patches in the next version.
      For now go find the updates that have been re-released in the CM console, right click and remove them from the SUG's, re-run PM and they will appear for deployment after PM has downloaded the replaced by MS files.
      If you use a search on All Software Updates for a date range that includes when the patches were re-released, you can bulk select any that MS has re-released and handle them as above so that PM can deploy them afresh. HTH.
  • Naming bar issues
    3 Posts | Last post April 20, 2018
    • Hi Rob, excellent work!
      First time trying out PatchMaster and running into a few minor cosmetical issues with the naming bar.
      Your guide says to right-drag items around. I assume you mean to right click and drag items, however that just removes them from the bar in my experience. Left-dragging (to steal your naming convention ;) ) does do the trick.
      I can't seem to move the Out of Cycle box. Every other item can be moved. Following your naming suggestion to have OOC at the far right of the naming items, I had to drag all other items in the right order to the left of OOC.
    • Thanks! 
      Silly me, its a left drag!
      And that OOC is a pest lol, I will have a look see why it won't move around like the others, and yes you have to drag everything else around to shunt it off to the right as you discovered. 
      Thanks so much for the feedback, invaluable. 
    • Guide on my blog updated to reflect the left dragging and the naughty OOC button. Thanks again.
  • Unable to install the MSI
    2 Posts | Last post March 14, 2018
    • Unknown Publisher
      Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.
    • Yeah, right click and unblock.
      It's a classic issue of expensive signing certificates not being used by me.
      It'd cost a lot of money to buy them, and they only last a few years before up for renewal. 
      I'm not a full on software developer, I produce tools in limited numbers on the odd occasion, their source is me, so think of me being signing cert :-)
      By the way, ORCA lets you examine the MSI, and the actual EXE can be put through a debugger, source will be available on GITHUB once I've cleaned it up and uploaded it.