Perform ExecuteNonQuery Against SQL Database

This is a script that performs an ExecuteNonQuery commands against a SQL database. This script has a modular function that performs the commands necessary to establish, open, close and execute the database connection and commands. To perform queries, simply pass the connection st

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  • Catching exceptions
    1 Posts | Last post May 03, 2013
    • Hello Nathon,
      In your script you catch any SqlException and report it as a possible locked row, while I'm sure a locked row could cause this, many other things could throw this exception as well. Here is a snippet that tells the user the exact error coming back from SQL:
      catch [System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException] 
      	$_ | select -expandproperty invocationinfo | Format-List Line, PositionMessage -force 
      	write-host $_.Exception.ToString() -foregroundcolor "red"