PowerShell Pipeworks is a platform for writing web sites and software services in PowerShell. It lets you turn any module into a software service, script cloud services, deal with data, and automate backend processing. In short, it lets you put it all together with PowerShell.

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  • Publish-WebService?
    2 Posts | Last post February 20, 2014
    • The Pipeworks module exports what appears to be an invalid command: Publish-WebService. There is also a typo in another export Publish-WebServce.
      line 328: Set-Alias pws Publish-WebService
      line 329: Set-Alias Publish-WebSite Publish-WebServce
      Pipeworks version
      Is this the right place to report these bugs?
      Is Pipeworks available from an online source control provider (e.g. github, codeplex, etc)?
    • Publish-WebService is actually improperly aliased (sorry).  It should actually be Publish-WebSite (the .ps1 needs to be renamed to reflect the function name, and the aliasing needs to be changed).  This is fixed in my local build, and will be uploaded shortly.  This is a fine place to report bugs.  Pipeworks is not yet on GitHub / Codeplex, but it is something I am considering.
      Hope this Helps,