In this post I will show a little script that allows you to be notified when new content is available on a blog, site... from a list of site. It will allow you to set a list of blog (in an XML file) to check and be aware when something new has been published on one of them.


The idea is really simple. 

  1. You have an XML file that contains a list of blog.
  2. A script will analyze all RSS path from the XML and check if there is something news since x days or hours.
  3. If yes a notification will be displayed.

How does it work ?

Three things to do:

  1. Complete the XML with the list of blogs to check, days to check, notification type, logo...
  2. Choose the kind of notification you want to display, by filling the 
  3. The action should be to create a scheduled task that will run the script. For instance a daily scheduled task.

Complete the XML

Proceed as below to fill the XML:

  1. Copy the SD_Blog_News folder in c:\ProgramData
  2. Choose the number of days to check in the Config\DateToCheck node. For instance if you type 1, it will check for blog posts new than 1 day.
  3. Choose the kind of notification to display (see below to understand).
  4. Type the blog or site name in the Name node
  5. Type the blog link in the Path node
  6. Type the RSS path of the site in the RSS node
  7. If needed, choose a logo to display for each blog and copy them in the Logos folder
  8. Add the logo name with extension in the Logo node in the XML file