Earlier, I wrote a VBScript which can retrieve and enlist All Group-Membership of a given AD User. You can pass the desired Username as a parameter and execute the VBScript. That's it. The script will do the job and display the result. The same VBScript can be downloaded from here:

Get All Group-Membership of a User

However, it is a lot more easier to accomplish the same using PowerShell. Please download and use the attached PowerShell script to retrieve all group membership of a given AD User. Just pass the selected/desired Username as the first parameter.

Example: UserGroup.ps1 <UserLoginID> ---- Press ENTER. (UserGroup.ps1 BobS)

Example: Multiple_UserGroup_InputFile.ps1 -CSVFile <FullPath\CSVFileName.csv>

    [Parameter(Mandatory = $True)] 
Import-Module ActiveDirectory 
If ($UserName) { 
    $UserName = $UserName.ToUpper().Trim() 
    $Res = (Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $UserName | Measure-Object).Count 
    If ($Res -GT 0) { 
        Write-Output "`n" 
        Write-Output "The User $UserName Is A Member Of The Following Groups:" 
        Write-Output "===========================================================" 
        Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $UserName | Select-Object -Property Name, GroupScope, GroupCategory | Sort-Object -Property Name | FT -A