PowerShell & MDT - Quick Reference Guide 1.1

MDT can be used using PowerShell. Indeed you can do whatever you want with MDT & PowerShell.For instance you can import application, Operating System, package or also create and update a Deployment Share.MDT allows you to see each corresponding PowerShell script for a specific a

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  • Detecting OS of the task sequence, wich variable we can use ?
    2 Posts | Last post May 13, 2017
    • Hi;
      I have some difficults I’m working in a script who set the bios configuration while installing windows 7 or 10 by MDT, then my first question is:
      Wich variable I can use to identify the os of the new task sequence I mean the current os the mdt preparing to install in the computer after the user select the os during the installation.
      I’m wondering if this code doying the job
          $OS = Get-ChildItem -Path $OSPath | Out-GridView -PassThru -Title “Select required OperatingSystem”
          $OSPath = “$($MdtDrive):\Operating Systems”
      Else, how I can detect the OS of the task, wich variable can help me to do that?
    • Hi,if i correctly understand you need to know if there is an existing variable that store the selected os ? You mean after choosing a task sequence from the mdt wizard, you need to know if there os a way to know the os associated to this task sequence ? Don't hesitate to contact me by mail.