In this post I will show you how to create your own Systray tool with PowerShell and how to load some WPF content.Before to start, you can find a really nice post from Chrissy Lemaire about that here.I learned with this one.I wanted to do my own in order to explain how to proceed for everyone.So let's start.

What is a systray tool ?
Systray tools from Windows or other soft work as below most of the time.We will create our own tool with the same behavior.Right click with different optionsOptions are displayed like context menusWhen you click on a menu a Window is displayedSometimes when you click out of this Window, it will be closed

What do we want ?
In our first systray tool we want:Diplay an icon in the TaskbarDisplay different context menus after a right click on the iconDisplay a window when you click on the context menuIf you click out of the window, it will be hidden

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