PowerShell script that replaces MDT Gather step during OS deployment

A lightweight alternative when using MDT only for Gathering environmental information.

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  • winpe
    2 Posts | Last post February 07, 2020
    • so this gather runs in winpe before osd that's ok but is it possible to for instance make it run in normal OS so we can compare bios version before OSD and after it?
    • You can run it as often as you like, in WinPE or FullOS. If you want to compare a value from the first time you run the script to the next, you'd have to copy the value of the variable the first time you run it to a new custom variable so you still have that value when you overwrite the default variable the next time you run the script
      Task Sequence Variable Step = Custom Var BIOSVersionRun1, Value = %BIOSVersion%
      Then later after you run the script again, you can compare BIOSVersion to BIOSVersionRun1 and see the difference.
  • Desktop Chassis Type
    1 Posts | Last post August 14, 2019
    • Hello Johan,
      Can you please add to $DesktopChassisTypes also the value 35. I've found this is reported by Lenovo M720q desktops. Actually a few reported 3 but most of them report 35. 
      Thank you.