This function, called 'Map', will report on all logical drives on a local or remote machine.  I called it "Map" because there was a Novell utility that did the same thing.  This one, however, has the advantage of being able to query remote machines.

The function uses WMI to obtain the data, and presents it in a readable tablular format.  You can include this in your Powershell profile.

# This function will return a report 
# of all file-system drives on the local 
# or a remote computer.  It will also  
# return network drives. 
# Written by BigTeddy 
# Last revision 15 March 2012 
# Version 2.0 
# Sample usage: 
# map server1 
function Map ($computer){ 
function GetDriveType($DriveCode) { 
    switch ($DriveCode) 
        { 0 {"Unknown"}  
        1 {"No root directory"}  
        2 {"Removable Disk"}  
        3 {"Local Disk"}  
        4 {"Network Drive"}  
        5 {"Compact Disk"}  
        6 {"RAM Disk"}  
        } # end switch 
    } # end function GetDriveType 
if ($computer -eq $null) {$computer='localhost'Get-WmiObject -Class win32_logicaldisk -ComputerName $computer | select DeviceID, VolumeName, ` 
    @{n='DriveType'; e={GetDriveType($_.driveType)}}, ` 
    @{n='Size';e={"{0:F2} GB" -f ($_.Size / 1gb)}}, `     
    @{n='FreeSpace';e={"{0:F2} GB" -f ($_.FreeSpace / 1gb)}} | Format-Table 
} # end function Map