Powershell script to adjust permissions for Authenticated Users on Group Policy

Run the script to add Authenticated Users "Read" permissions to Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in your domain.

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Group Policy
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  • Non-English versions of Windows
    4 Posts | Last post June 28, 2017
    • Value of property 'Microsoft.GroupPolicy.GPTrustee.Name' is localized, so I suggest replace this line of code:
      $AuthPermissionsExists = Get-GPPermissions -Guid $loopGPO.Id -All | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Trustee | ? {$_.Name -eq "Authenticated Users"}
      $AuthPermissionsExists = Get-GPPermissions -Guid $loopGPO.Id -All | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Trustee | ? {$_.Sid -eq "S-1-5-11"}
    • I agree. Your suggestion works in french version. Thanks Miquel
    • @MiquelC: Your solution was the exact same thing I thought about when I first read trough Kaushik's code. It was clear, that the localized term for authenticated users was bound to fail in non-English environments.
      So thanks @Kaushik for getting us a starting point with your script and thanks to you @MiquelC for providing a universal solution
    • i've changed all "Authenticated Users" to "Authentifizierte Benutzer" for German version,