Powershell script to set AD Computer description during OSD

SetADDescriptionSets a Description in AD on the computer object in AD it uses the name of the computer it is being executed on. Use “” around the description if the description contains spaces.Example Command Line: Powershell.exe -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass –File SetComput

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  • Can a Task Sequence variable be used as description?
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    • Hi Jorgen,
      I enjoy your posting. It has helped me out a lot in the past. I ran across this script and was wondering if this could be used for something I need. 
      We place an Asset Tag on every computer that belongs to our organization. I have a Collection variable set so it will prompt my team to input the Asset Tag at the start of the OSD. It gets saved in a variable. if I put in the variable name, would this script upload the value of the variable to AD or will it just add the variable name?
      I would like the Asset Number be saved in AD as a description of the computer.
      Luis Forestier
      SCCM Administrator, Our Lady of the Lake University, Texas, USA