When you're dealing with Operating System Deployment, you have most likely heard of that MDT can be integrated with ConfigMgr. If you'd combine the best from two worlds, meaning using ConfigMgr and MDT integrated, there are many things you can leverage out of that. With MDT you can enable the MDT Database, which gives you the options to define Roles, Make and Model, Locations and also Computers. Leveraging the MDT database can be extremely useful for instance if you're environment consists of many different departments (could be created as Roles in the database) and location (created as Locations in the database). By using this you're able to tell the task sequence what applications or packages that should be installed on a computer, if it's in a specific Role in the MDT database. But here's a small dilemma, how do you get the computer information into the MDT database?

This is where the concept of prestaging the computer comes in handy. This is not something new, it's been around for ages. In all version of ConfigMgr you've been able to prestage (a.k.a. Import Computer Information) a computer that's about to be installed with an operating system.

Organizations that already have some kind of Import Computer Information tool in-place or simply just use the Unknown Computer support for ConfigMgr, should really look into using the MDT database in my opinion. In order to assist with either making such a transition a bit smoother, or for those out there that are already using the MDT database together with ConfigMgr but are manually importing the information, I decided a while back to create a tool that can prestage a computer into both ConfigMgr 2012 and the MDT database.

What's shown in the picture below is what I came up with to simplify the process of importing a computer into ConfigMgr and MDT. Let me know if you have any issues with the tool, or if there's any functionality that you think it lacks.


This full documentation for this tool can be found on this page.