In this post, I will show you a tool I created, that allows you to display informations about a user or computer from Active Directory quickly from the systray. It will also allows you to do some actions like unlock user account, change password and view group membership for a user.

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11/12/2018: Version 1.1

Add admin part



1 / Copy the Quick_AD_Support folder in C:\Programdata

2 / Your computer should be integrated in AD domain.

3 / For now the ActiveDirectory module is required, if you have installed RSAT it should works.

I'll provide a new version without module requirement

4 / For some actions (unlock, enable, change password) you will need to run the tool with an account with enough rights. In the next version I'll add a credentials part.

How to run the tool

Run the QADS.ps1 file using powershell .\QADS.ps1
If you run the just just using QADS.ps1 you may have issues as below:


To resolve this, run with powershell .\QADS.ps1, as below:


If you still have some errors, run the file Run_QADS.ps1
Once it's done no GUI will be displayed, but an icon will be added in your systray, as below:

User informations


User actions


Computer informations


Computer actions