I recently became tasked with removing Office 2016 and upgrading users to Office 365. It was simple enough to put those steps into a batch file but then I found when 365 users launched it complained about the 2016 OST file. So I had to make something to delete it for all users so it could be remade. The following solution was made for use with SCCM but I am sure could be used with plenty of other systems or just run. So the following upload is the solution


1. Place 365 Upgrade Package Folder on Network Share 

2. Edit the InstallOffice365.bat replace <Insert Network Path> with the Network path to the folder on each line it is present

3. Upload into SCCM if desired with a detection method of 






Greater than or equal to 


4. Give post 5 stars\

If you have and questions or suggestions let me know



The XML is set to remove the older versions of Office but ignore Visio. If you do not want this configuration please edit it.