SCCM Application Creator

SCCM Application Creator helps System Center Configuration Manager administrators to automate the process of creating and deploying applications. It is GUI based, written in PowerShell and very flexible and easy to use.

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  • Customize Powershell Script to add User Requirement
    1 Posts | Last post September 11, 2017
    • Hi Joachim, thanks for your script, that works perfectly. Since I use "UDA" for all my applications, there are two options I would need to add to the application creation process:
      1) On the Application properties
      Add a requirement Type:
      Category: User
      Condition: Primary Device
      Rule Type: Value
      Operator: Equals
      Value: True
      2) Deployment Setting
      Check off the Option: Pre-Deploy software to the user's primary device
      Thank you for your help
  • New DeploymentType cmdlet
    1 Posts | Last post June 27, 2016
    • Hi Joachim, first of all congrats on the impressive work.
      I was trying to create something very similar to your script and was having problems with the new set of SCCM Cmdlets. 
      Add-CMAppv5XDeploymentType -ContentLocation $AppVFile -ApplicationName $ApplicationName -DeploymentTypeName "Install $ApplicationName"
      When you use add-cmappv5xdeploymenttype you cannot seem to be able to force unknown publishers, therefore if you try to open the publishing session of a new imported deployment type you will notice that is empty, and once you deploy the APP-V package it doesn't get deployed to the client.
      If you use the older cmdlet (add-cmdeploymenttype) you can leverage that parameter.
      Add-CMDeploymentType -ApplicationName “$AppName $AppVersion” -DeploymentTypeName “$AppName”-InstallationFileLocation $APPFilePath -AutoIdentifyFromInstallationFile -ForceForUnknownPublisher $True -AppV5xInstaller
      If you can find a way to force unknown publishers while importing a deployment type using the new cmdlet please let me know.
  • Error when creating Deployment type
    1 Posts | Last post November 03, 2015
    • Hello, I'm testing out the script which I hope I can get to work because its exactly what I need.  I'm getting an error when it tries to create the deployment type. The error is below.  Hope you can help.  Thank you
      WARNING: The parameter 'AutoIdentifyFromInstallationFile' has been deprecated from this parameter set and may be  removed in a future release.
      Add-CMDeploymentType : Specify a valid UNC path.
      At C:\CreateApplication\Create-SCCM2012Application.ps1:737 char:13
      +             Add-CMDeploymentType -ApplicationName $ApplicationName -AutoIdentify ...
      + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
          + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (Microsoft.Confi...mentTypeCommand:AddDeploymentTypeCommand) [A 
         dd-CMDeploymentType], InvalidOperationException
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ValidationError,Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.Cmdlets.AppMan.Commands.AddDep 
  • May the tool be used with an SCCM managment console of SP1/CU5?
    2 Posts | Last post February 27, 2015
    • Hello Joachim, Due to some constraints with the 1E Nomad product, we cannot upgrade to R2. We currently have upgraded to version 5.00.7804.1600. Thank you. Carlos
    • Unfortunately, this tool is only tested with R2 + CU3, and will most likely not work if you don't have at least R2. I am not sure however, so feel free to test and report back here if it works or not.