Started rolling out MS office 2013 to Users few weeks ago.For this ,created collection to get computers with MS office 2010 ,created application for MS office 2013 upgrade and deploy to collection .This collection consists of computers from different departments,business units etc.

Colleague of mine asked me if there is way to get report for deployment status of specific application for specific OU. The reason for this requirement is that ,he wanted to get the deployment status per business unit (location)for the deployed application. OUs in AD are named with location names .

 A single collection (MS office 2013 upgrade ) consist of computers from several business units and he wants to see the status per business unit for reporting.

The default report ‘All Application Deployment (basic)’ from software distribution—Application monitoring category works on specific collection and this collection contains the computers from different business units (Locations  which are nothing but OU’s ) did not work for this requirement. Must create new report to get the deployment status results for specific application for specific business unit.

So I started looking out for the Configmgr 2012 R2 SQL tables/sql views using the Configmgr 2012 R2 SQL views spread sheet Rread the complete post from