SCCM Configmgr 2012 Report Application Deployment results for specific applicati

Started rolling out MS office 2013 to Users few weeks ago.For this ,created collection to get computers with MS office 2010 ,created application for MS office 2013 upgrade and deploy to collection .This collection consists of computers from different departments,business units

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  • List Report Only Showing limited no of PC's
    2 Posts | Last post March 09, 2017
    • chart is showing 450 success and 52 error PC but when we select success pc's not getting all PC List. only limited PC are gettings. around 10 -15 Pc are getting. 
      Please Help me. thanks
    • it works good for me .Can you open the RDL file using any reporting tool and run it on SQL management studio to see where went wrong ?
  • Application report
    2 Posts | Last post March 09, 2017
    • I need to know the report of specific Application,i.e in how many clients the application got installed and in how many clients the specific application has not installed through sccm
    • For this, you can go with the default report start from basic to advanced.