Operating system deployment as we know it is dead, or at least on life support. Within the next years we will probably see an increasing amount of MDM enrolled devices; not the least Windows Autopilot is a good indication of where we’re going. “Going” is the key word, we’re not there yet – Onevinn SCCM Extensions are intended to make life on the ground a little bit easier until we sail of into the clouds for good.

Key features are dynamic driver handling based on hardware models and secure server-side code execution. It’s also possible to assign programs and applications for dynamic installation during deployment.

To bind computer models to driver packages and various software we introduce a new node in the Configuration Manager console. A custom Task sequence action is added during installation, this will provide the possibility to run server-side code.


Driver Management



In this view we see the HP model EliteBook 2570p tied to a driver package and two programs (hotkeys and Bluetooth). This solution supports native driver packages as well as standard packages containing drivers. Deployments can be configured to download content or run from distribution point, both alternatives are supported.


Server-side commands


In order to execute server-side commands or code we add a custem Task sequence action:



This command will move the computer to a different OU.


The "Run server command" action exposes several predifined commands to choose from:


It's also possible to run your own server-side code (script or exe) in case the built-in commands aren't sufficent:


In this example a script called “TEMPLATE_AD.ps1” is run with parameters -OSDComputerName and -ResourceID.

Any script in a dedicated folder (on site server) can be invoked the same way. A couple of sample scripts are included during installation.


Full documentation and installation instructions are included in the downloadable zip-archive.

Please, report bugs and don't be afraid to post feature requests under Q&A.





2017-11-24 18h30 (GMT+1): Fixed a permission issue, included a script to run on "old" installations.

2018-03-18 14h56 (GMT+1): Driver options were not read back into console from wmi when reopened - Resolved.

2018-05-20 12h49 (GMT +1): Updated driver console extension and driver client released. Read Changelog.txt for details.

2018-06-06 09h57 (GMT +1): Corrected a bug in initial "house keeping" Read Changelog.txt for details.

2018-07-17 17h20 (GMT +1): Added a TS Action to clear computer description. Corrected a bug (backspaces in arguments).

2018-07-19 19h39 (GMT +1): Scriptsfolder not moved to correct path during installation.

2018-07-20 13h17 (GMT +1): TS Variables could not contain backslash when used as argument for custom TS Actions.

2018-07-21 09h11 (GMT +1): Updated DriverInstallerClient.exe, now creates TS Variable "OSDDriverInfoFound".

2018-08-02 01h08 (GMT +1): Added a second installer (console extensions) to support ConfigMgr 1806, check log.