SCCM Patching Dashboard Template - by Collections

Please make sure you are properly licensed for SQL. Summary:This dashboard will present software updates status for the Collection and provide with the systems that are in that collection. This is meant to be used for management overview along with some details for the system adm

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  • Isn't Creating a DB a Possibly License Violation?
    4 Posts | Last post July 05, 2019
    • "run the SoftwareUpdateByCollectionScript.sql on the CAS/Primary database server. This script creates a database"
      Not to go all negative Nancy here (I really do like this solution) but I'm fairly certain that the above is a license violation when used with the SQL Standard license included with ConfigMgr.  It's an issue that comes up anytime something like this is released to the community.  Heck, I'm fairly certain it applies to the full PowerBI template that the team has released.  If it's not on this list then it's not covered:
    • I didn't even think of that angel since all the customers I have worked with have licensing already for all their SQL environments. I'll have to look into that. Thanks.
    • Interesting, my experience is the total opposite.  I only know of like 3 huge enterprises who needed to spring for SQL Enterprise.  Every other one I've talked to is using the 'free' (included) licensing.  In particular because ConfigMgr's security requirements for SQL are drastic (local admin on the OS _and_ SA).
      To be clear, I keep pointing this problem out when I see it because I'm trying to build pressure on the product team to include these kinds of things under that license.  Things like Ola Hallegen's SQL maintenance solution or heck, MBAM itself, are apparently violations.  Which isn't cool so let's try and fix it.
      Again, sorry for being a Debbie Downer, I'm a patching and reporting nerd, so I really do love to see solutions like this.
    • We have brought this up with the PGs and the legal to address. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.