Note: This is not tested with the new hotfix MP released for SCOM 2016 found here:

If you add the hotfix MP i recommend to also delete this one.

This is a temporary fix for rules and monitors in the Microsoft.SystemCenter.Internal MP shipped with SCOM 2016 (UR3). Issues arise when using WinRM to extract WMI information for some configurations. 

Below is a summary of the MP resources that have problems:


The following discoveriers are replaced:

Windows Computer(scope):

 Discover Windows Computer Properties (Microsoft.SystemCenter.DiscoverWindowsComputerProperties)

Windows Operating System (scope):

Discovery Operating System Properties (Microsoft.SystemCenter.DiscoverWindowsOSProperties)

 Windows Computer(scope):

Discover if Windows Computer is a Virtual Machine (Microsoft.SystemCenter.DiscoverIsVirtualMachineTrue)


Ther original discoveries gets disabled when importing this MP.



Improved logic for OU population, handles also built in OU's like Computer

Detection of other virtual platforms like VmWare and Oracle Virtualbox (property isVirtualMachine is set)

For both these Virtual Host and Virtual Machine property gets filled in with name of provider (VmWare or Oracle). Microsoft behaviour is not changed

Netbios Domain correct formatting

Only connected network adapters are queried for IP addresses

Stability and logging

Ability to run scripts in PS console and get detailed output for troubleshooting

Discovered properties are logged to SCOM eventlog


Code can be found here:


These fixes are running in production where we have a mix of OS'es from 2008R2 to 2016 and some workgroup server. It's a single domain so I could not test the behaviour on a forest environment.