SCOM Agent Management Properties and Tasks Pack

This is a little example MP for some things that are possible with SCOM.  It also serves as a good example MP on how to write classes, discoveries, and most importantly many task examples for command line, VBscript, and PowerShell.I didn’t write all these – a bunch of ideas came

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  • HealthState
    1 Posts | Last post June 07, 2017
    • Hi, It would be nice to see also the health state of that agent.
      I know i already can see this Operations MAnager - Agent Details - Agent Health State,... 
      But, In your view we have (almost) all the interested things in one view.
      However, thank you for this nice MP.
  • Minor bug
    2 Posts | Last post May 16, 2017
    • Hey Kevin
      Not sure where to submit findings, so I'm writing here. Hope that's okay.
      I believe your ScriptName for the Agent.Management.ExportEventLog.WA is wrong. It's a minor thing, but it had me confused for a second.
      Otherwise, this seems like a fantastic bag of useful tools. Thanks a bunch!
    • Thank you!  Fixed and updated