SCOM Management Properties and Tasks Pack for Agents and Server Roles

This is a little example MP for some things that are possible with SCOM.  It also serves as a good example MP on how to write classes, discoveries, and most importantly many task examples for command line, VBscript, and PowerShell.I didn’t write all these – a bunch of ideas came

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  • SCOM 1801
    1 Posts | Last post March 20, 2018
    • Hi, are you going to release a new version for System Center 1801?
  • Scom 2012 Sp1
    3 Posts | Last post March 06, 2018
    • Hi this amazing MP work on Scom 2012 Sp1 UR10?
    • Sure.  It might not import - but if it wont, just edit the references to be a more appropriate version.
    • Hi Kevin,
      I have imported the MP.But Still agents in console shows UR3 patch ?
  • Agent - DELETE task: auditing
    1 Posts | Last post February 01, 2018
    • With the task to delete an agent, is there a way to include the person who triggered the task in the console?  Currently, it records in the custom event that it was run by the default action account.  
      We'd like to make this task available to our end users, but would like to have a way to audit who removes items from SCOM.
  • Linux Agents
    2 Posts | Last post December 11, 2017
    • Hi Kevin,
      We use this MP alot! But the only thing that we are missing are the Linux agents. Is there an update/addendum for that in the near future? Or do you have a good alternative to manage the Linux agents.
    • I probably need to do something there.  Let me look into it.  What properties would you like in such a view, and what kind of tasks?
  • how to
    1 Posts | Last post August 29, 2017
    • for the ones who want to delete the risky tasks.
      Goto Authoring > management pack objects > task, click scope and type "scom management" This results in 3 classes and you can select all the classes or just the "SCOM agent management task". Delete any task you don't want.
  • acs agent restart
    1 Posts | Last post July 17, 2017
    • Hi Kevin,
      ACS is a diffrent story and i don't know how popular ACS is, but why not to add ACS agent and ACS Collector services restarts?
      and maybe also APM.
      thank you.
  • Not An Upgrade?
    2 Posts | Last post July 12, 2017
    • Hi Kevin
      Thanks for the great MP. I have but see that when I went to import it doesnt upgrade the old one. Was this intentional?
    • Actually, I see why now, as it is not just Agents (it's the Management Servers too now). I will delete the Agent Management MP now.  Thanks
  • HealthState
    1 Posts | Last post June 07, 2017
    • Hi, It would be nice to see also the health state of that agent.
      I know i already can see this Operations MAnager - Agent Details - Agent Health State,... 
      But, In your view we have (almost) all the interested things in one view.
      However, thank you for this nice MP.
  • Minor bug
    2 Posts | Last post May 16, 2017
    • Hey Kevin
      Not sure where to submit findings, so I'm writing here. Hope that's okay.
      I believe your ScriptName for the Agent.Management.ExportEventLog.WA is wrong. It's a minor thing, but it had me confused for a second.
      Otherwise, this seems like a fantastic bag of useful tools. Thanks a bunch!
    • Thank you!  Fixed and updated