Update! Included 2012 version! is the correct version when imported! The zip states incorreclty

This management pack bundle is an update to the famous SCC Health Check reports posted back in 2010.

This new version is completely rewritten whit the following improvements:

This version contains only the management pack bundle and the manual, the bits will be posted to git hub for everyone to contribute on the reports.

If you have the V2 version running of these reports you can simply import this bundle and you will get a new folder with the new reports "System Center Operations Manager Health Check Reports".


If you don't have V2 installed please use the manual for adding an extra datasource to the reporting website of Operations Manager.


Link - http://www.systemcentercentral.com/scom-health-check-reports-v3/


Announcement on how to - http://insidethecloudos.azurewebsites.net/scom-health-check-reports-v3-on-github/

Source on github - https://github.com/pzerger/scomhealthcheck