SCOM Management Pack Creator PowerShell Module

The long waited and anticipated release of the SCOM Management Pack Creator latest version is now here Though there have been some drastic changes to this release, especially now its no longer going by the original "V3.0" name as its now a fully blown PowerShell Module. Another

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  • is this applicable to all version of SCOM ??
    2 Posts | Last post February 24, 2020
    • is this applicable to all version of SCOM ? & i see in document you have used both visual studio and power shell can we create management pack using power shell only ? by using cmdlets 
    • Hi, Yes this should be able to create management packs for all SCOM versions as long as you create a visual studio management pack project with the desired version. This has the ability to create a management pack using powershell only with CMDLets.
      One of the commands Get-SCOMClassID is great but will only work with paths with no spaces in :)