Official Release of the SCOM Management Pack Creator V2.0

Here is the second version of my SCOM Management Pack Creator Script.

For those not familiar of this solution, this is a PowerShell script which can write out an entire SCOM Management Pack in XML Format and formatted in its correct layout, which can then be imported in a Visual Studios SCOM Management Pack project.

This can build a SCOM Management Pack within 1 minute!

The purpose of this was that there are alot of customizations which cannot always be done mainly through the console. Also in Visual Studios using the VSAE tool you will find that the template files can also conflict and doesnt provide you freedom enough to change and add certain paramerters, so this allows you to see the simplicity of each part and component of the management pack, but also to understand and read the raw XML format of a SCOM Management Pack

There has been some great improvements from the first release, and have included the release notes of both versions to give an idea on the structure of the improvements made on each one

Feedback on this would be greatly appreciated to see how well it works as well as any additions and any improvements which can be made for the third release which also have further enhancements to it.

The guide on how to use this can be download here: SCOM Management Pack Creator Guide.docx

Version 1.0 Release Notes



Version 2.0 Release Notes