This management pack will help large enterprises with higher agent counts easily do multi-homing for sid-eby side SCOM management group migrations.

I have written solutions that include tasks to add and remove management group assignments to SCOM agents before:


But, what if you are doing a side by side SCOM migration to a new management group, and you have thousands of agents to move? There are a lot of challenges with that:

1. Moving them manually with a task would be very time consuming.

2. Agents that are down or in maintenance mode are not available to multi-home

3. If you move all the agents at once, you will overwhelm the destination management group.


I have written a Management Pack called “SCOM.MultiHome” that will manage these issues more gracefully. It contains one (disabled) rule, which will multihome your agents to your intended ManagementGroup and ManagementServer. This is also override-able so you can specify different management servers initially if you wish.