SCOM MultiHome management pack for side by side migrations

This management pack will help large enterprises with higher agent counts easily do multi-homing for sid-eby side SCOM management group migrations.I have written solutions that include tasks to add and remove management group assignments to SCOM agents before:https://blogs.techne

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  • Does it work for dual homing SCOM 2012 agents?
    2 Posts | Last post November 14, 2019
    • Would this work if I had to dual home SCOM 2012 agents? 
    • Yes it was written originally for that.
  • Do I need to manually disable it?
    2 Posts | Last post June 07, 2019
    • Hello, I'm using this against my 2012 to 2019 SCOM environment... it appears to be working I think... 
      However, I've received thousands of Information EventID: 20000
      "A device which is not part of this management group has attempted to access this Health Service. 
      Requesting Device Name :"
      ** '' is actually a alias for a device in my network. **
      I've spot-checked a few of these devices and verified that the Control Panel - Microsoft Monitoring Agent properties shows the new Management Server in the Management Groups list.
      I guess my question is, is what I'm seeing normal behavior of this process and just needs to be Overridden manually or am I missing something?
      I dont see the server 'Agent' displaying in the new SCOM environment but not sure that I would/should be.
    • oops.. Agents were in Pending Management awaiting Approval.
      Since so many agents were dumped into Pending Management (agent install is not set to Automatic), it appeared Empty and showing (0) zero agents pending management but instead it just took a while (1-2min.) to load the list of devices.