SQL management packs for SCOM are awesome, especially with the included Visualization or Dashboard component.

Included the new Agnostic pack in the OFF packs - in case you're still running the old version specific SQL packs.


Please read the blog https://kevinjustin.com/blog/2018/03/02/sql-mp-bloat to validate how much data the SQL packs add to your SCOM database and DW aggregating from ~60 to ~225 performance counters (depending on which SQL MP version(s) you are running.


The zip file contains OFF packs to turn off the performance counter rules, and XLS sheets to help the SCOM admin go to the SQL team to decide which performance counters are needed.


These packs can be used with SCOM 2012 R2 through 2019, provided the SQL management packs are installed (Legacy or Agnostic).